¤¤¤å Ballroom & Latin

In 2008, the NATD Examination will be held in October 2008, whereas starting from 2009, the NATD will be held in April/May. Details regarding the examination will be announced approximately five months before the scheduled examination date.
All application should be completed and returned the followings to the
Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA)

¡V International and Professional Examinations Division, 3/F 17 Tseuk Luk Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon (Tel: 3628 8731; Fax: 3628 8790).

Entry Forms (Chop from Hong Kong Ballroom Dancing Council must required.)
Preference on Examination Date(s) Sheet
Photostat copy of Identity Card/ Passport/ Birth Certificate of each candidate with English name
Summary of Examination Entries
Crossed Cheque made payable to ¡¥Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority'
  Completion of Entry Forms
  All entries should be completed in block capitals with black ink or ball pen.
Entry form can also be downloaded from the HKEAA website ( ).
  The name of applicant can either be a school or a teacher.
  The names of the candidates should be written or typed in the same order as shown on their Hong Kong Identity Cards/ Birth Certificates or passports, and the surname of the candidates should be underlined.
  To ensure the accuracy of the name to be appeared on the certificate, photocopy of Identity Card/ Birth Certificate/ passport of each student should be sent together with the entry forms. These photocopies should be submitted in the same order of the names as entered in the form, in a separate packet. Entry forms, without the required photocopies, will not be accepted. The HKEAA will destroy all the photocopies after verification.
  Please use a new entry form for each new day of examinations.
  Sections marked ¡¥For Office Use Only' must be left blank.
  A fee will be levied by HKEAA if any amendment on information, such as name, examination and level, if approved, is made in future.

Examinations entries will only be accepted from the members of Hong Kong Ballroom Dancing Council. No private candidates are allowed to submit applications themselves.

  (All the regulations are advised by NATD Hong Kong Representation- Hong Kong Ballroom Dancing Council )
  All Conditions and Rules must be strictly adhered to. The examiner has the right to penalize any candidate by means of less marks, or disqualification if these rules are not adhered to by the teacher or the candidate.
  All candidates enter these examinations at their own risk. It is advisable that a pregnant entrant has a doctor's Certificate to ensure the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) and the Examiner knows she is capable of doing the necessary work involved at the time of the Examination.
  Please note that deviation from the Rules printed in this syllabus will not be permitted without the previous consent of the NATD Hong Kong Representative.
  Entry of Candidates
Members of HKBDC with ASSOCIATE qualifications or above in the appropriate branch who have registered in Hong Kong can enter all levels of examinations for the branch.
Those who have attained ¡§PRELIMINARY STUDENT ¡¨ certificate for both Ballroom and Latin branches can enter the following amateur tests
Teachers must take the responsibility if their students are penalized by the Examiner for:
showing incorrect technique
not being able to answer theory correctly
not being able to complete routines
not dancing the correct amount of bars
not being correctly dressed and groomed.
The teacher should ensure the candidates to take the correct examination level.
No alteration to the examination schedule is allowed once admission forms are issued.
Candidates must be examined in the order that they appear on the entry form unless a change has been authorized.
  Examination Fee
The Examination Fees must be paid to the HKEAA when called for. Candidates who fail to attend the examination at the appointed time will forfeit their examination fee. Official schedules of current fees are available from the HKEAA.
Under no circumstance will the examination fees be returned, transferred or retained for another examination.
If a candidate is absent from the examination because of illness, application for change of the date for examination can be made in writing within two weeks from the date of examination upon presentation of original medical certificates issued by registered doctors.
  Age of Candidate
There are different age requirement for entering into different grades of examination. The cut-off date is determined by the day of examination.
Exam Venue
All examinations are held at studios arranged by the NATD Hong Kong Representation, i.e. Hong Kong Ballroom Dancing Council (HKBDC) and a surcharge will be levied on top of the examination fees.
Neatness of appearance will be taken into account in the allocation of marks.
No jewelry to be worn in any medal test.
  Girls should wear skirts and boys should wear trousers. Both should wear proper dancing shoes when enter the examination studio.
Only the NATD approved music can be used for the examinations. Teachers and candidates can enquire the NATD Hong Kong representative, i.e. Hong Kong Ballroom Dancing Council (HKBDC) for details.
Exam Results
Every examination must reach all dances over 65 marks for ¡§ PASS ¡¨, between 75-85 marks for ¡§ COMMENDED ¡¨
and over 85 marks for ¡§ HIGHLY COMMENDED ¡¨.
If any dance in the examination under 65 marks, the result is classified as ¡§ FAIL ¡¨. The candidate can be allowed to retake the examination after 30 days of the examination.
Examination reports will be issued to the teacher entering candidates for examinations.
The teacher entering the candidates must pass these reports to the candidates. The reports issued by the examiner are the property of the candidates examined. Under no circumstances may the teacher withhold them.
No correspondence or verbal discussion will be entered into regarding the Examiner's Report.
The result certificates or medals will be released at least 10 weeks after the examinations.
  Bad Weather

If weather condition are at all doubtful (such as the possible raising of a Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or the issue of the Rainstorm Red or Black Warning), candidates should listen to the radio or television broadcasting station for examination schedules right up to the time they leave for the examination centre. Under normal circumstances, the HKEAA announcement of the postponement/ cancellation of the examination will be made at least two hours before the commencement of the examination. Unless an announcement has been made by the HKEAA that the examination is postponed/ cancelled due to bad weather conditions, candidates must assume that the examination will be conducted as originally scheduled. However, candidates should consider their personal safety first. Once an examination has started, it will continue for the full allotted time unless physical conditions in the examination studios are considered dangerous by the examiner.